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Penne Shrimp and Broccoli


1 lb. penne

1/2 lb shrimp (uncooked)

1 large bunch of broccoli

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1 red bell pepper (chopped)

olive oil

sea salt and broccoli


  1. In a pot of boiling water, cook broccoli for 5 minutes and drain well.
  2. In a large skillet, put garlic and 3 tbsp. of olive oil. Let garlic brown a minute and then add shrimp.
  3. Turn shrimp and cook for about 3 minutes.
  4. Add broccoli and red bell pepper to skillet. Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper.  Stir frequently. Add a drizzle more of olive oil. Stir. Let cook for about 5 minutes.
  5. Serve over your favorite cooked pasta.


1 lb. whole wheat pasta shells (mini)
3 ears of corn (*Canned corn, well drained is fine too.)
1/2 cup red onion (chopped)
1/4 cup red bell pepper (minced)
1 cup fresh ricotta
1 tsp.sea salt
3 tbsp. olive oil
2 pieces of fresh basil (chopped)
1. Remove husks from corn. Brush with a little olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. On a grill/barbecue, grill ears of corn until a little golden brown. Turn while cooking. (about a total of ten minutes) *Or, open canned corned and drain very well. Grill in skillet for about 3 minutes.  Skip Step 2 if using canned corn.
2. Let corn cool for about 15 minutes and then shuck the corn off the cob.
3. Begin to boil pasta to your desired taste.
4. Drain pasta well. Put pasta in a large bowl. Add corn, red onion, red bell pepper, 3 tbsp. of olive of oil and 1 tsp. of sea salt. Mix well.
5. Pour pasta onto a serving  platter.
6. Place dollops of fresh ricotta on top. Put basil leaves on top.
Optional: Drizzle a little olive oil on top.
Note: Some enjoy this as a cold pasta dish as well as a warm one.



2 red bell peppers sliced thin (seeds removed)

1 green bell pepper sliced thin (seeds removed)

1 orange bell pepper sliced thin (seeds removed)

1 cup grape tomatoes

1 yellow zucchini sliced thin

1/2 cup red onion sliced thin

2 basil leaves (chopped)

Dressing Recipe:

½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup mustard or dijon mustard

¼ cup honey

½ tsp. sea salt

½ tsp. black pepper


  1. Mix dressing ingredients and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
  2. In a large bowl put all vegetables.
  3. Gradually add dressing to vegetables and mix. (about half)
  4. Adjust to how much dressing you want on your vegetables.    Serve cold.

Spicy Chicken and Peppers




1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast halves – cut into chunks

1 red bell pepper (chopped)

1 green bell pepper (chopped)

2 tbsp. white wine

2 tbsp. soy sauce

2 tablespoons sesame oil, divided

2 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 2 tablespoons water

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes (optional)

1 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. distilled white vinegar

2 tsp. brown sugar

4 green scallions (chopped)

1 garlic clove (chopped)


1. In a bowl, combine 1 tablespoon wine, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon cornstarch/water mixture and mix together. Place chicken pieces in a glass bowl and add marinade. Toss well to coat. Cover dish and place in refrigerator for at least one hour. (overnight, even better)

2. In a small bowl, combine 1 tablespoon wine, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon oil, 1 tablespoon cornstarch/water mixture, red pepper flakes (optional) vinegar and sugar. Mix together and add scallions and garlic.

3. In a medium skillet, heat sauce slowly for about 3 minutes.

4. In a skillet put 1 tbsp. olive oil and sauté peppers and set to the side. (just about 3-4 minutes)

5. Remove chicken from marinade and saute in a large skillet until meat is white on the inside. Add chicken and peppers to the sauce.

6. Raise heat for a minute and serve hot.




1 large eggplant (sliced)

2 zucchinis (sliced)

3 red bell peppers (sliced)

1 lb. fresh mozzarella (sliced)

1 large ciabatta bread

1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

sea salt and black pepper


1. In a large deep bowl, put sliced eggplant, zucchini and red bell peppers. Pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Mix well. Cover with foil and let marinate for 2 hours. (you do not have to refrigerate it)

2. Grill all vegetables until tender.

3. Cut bread to make sandwiches. Layer all 3 vegetables and then a slice of mozzarella on top.

4. You can use a panini press or bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. You want the cheese to be melted and the bread to be crispy.

*Sprinkle a little sea salt and black pepper on top of cheese and vegetables. (optional)

Edamame and Cranberry Pasta




1 lb. penne

1 cup edamame

1/2 cup red bell peppers (chopped)

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/4 cup red onion (chopped)

1/2 cup corn

1 clove of garlic (chopped)

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp sea salt


1.  In a large skillet put olive oil. Add garlic. Brown for a minute and add edamame, red bell pepper, cranberries, red onion and corn.  Sauté for 5 minutes. Add sea salt and mix all together.

2. Pour over cooked pasta.

*Parmesan cheese on top is optional.




1 lb. linguine (cooked to your taste)

3/4 lb. baby shrimp (peeled and cleaned)

1 cup red bell pepper (seeds removed and sliced)

1 cup green bell pepper (seeds removed and sliced)

1 cup sweet onion (chopped)

2 cloves garlic (chopped)

3 tbs. olive oil

1 tbs. butter

2 tsp. sea salt

parmesan cheese


1. In a large skillet, add oil and garlic. Add peppers and onions. Cook until tender. Put to the side.

2. Add baby shrimp to same pan and cook for 3-4 minutes. Put to the side.

3. When linguine is boiled to desired consistency, drain well.

4. In a large skillet, add butter. Return linguine to pan. Stir around. Add vegetables and shrimp. Sprinkle with sea salt and stir. Heat for about 2 minutes.

5. Place in a serving bowl and sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese.


Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables



8 chicken cutlets  (thin slices)

1 cup of broccoli (boiled for 5 minutes and drained well)

1 red bell pepper (sliced and seeds removed)

1 yellow bell pepper (sliced and seeds removed)

1 small onion (sliced)

1 cup of black olives (without pits)

 1 cup of bread crumbs

2 egg whites beaten

2 cloves of garlic (chopped)

olive oil

4 tbs. balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper


1. Mix cutlets in egg whites and then in bread crumbs. Coat each side well with crumbs.

2. In a large skillet, add 2 tbs. of olive oil. Heat oil and fry cutlets on both sides until browned. (remove and let dry on paper towels.

3. In another skillet, add 2 tbs. of olive oil. Brown garlic and add broccoli, peppers and red onion. Cook for 5 minutes. Add black olives, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Stir well.

4. Once cooled, cut chicken cutlets into strips.

5. In a large baking dish add chicken cutlets and vegetables. 

6. In a small bowl add 1 tbs. of olive oil and 4 tbs. of balsamic vinegar. Mix well. Pour over chicken and vegetables.

7. Bake in oven for 10 minutes and serve hot.


Sausage Patties




1 lb. ground pork

1/4 piece of provolone cheese (cut into mini bite size pieces)

1 red pepper (seeds removed and diced)

1/4 cup sweet onion (chopped)

1 clove of garlic (chopped)

1 egg white (beaten)

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

olive oil (for frying)


1. Put all ingredients (except, olive oil) into a large bowl. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

2. Divide sausage into 6 equal amounts. (4, if you want larger burgers) Shape into burgers.

3. In a large skillet put 3 tbs. of olive oil. When oil heats, add burgers. Cook on each side for 8-10 minutes each. Turn them over occasionally, so neither side cooks more than the other. Sausage burgers should be white on the inside when cooked.

Serve hot. 





3 boneless/skinless cooked chicken breasts (cut into bite size pieces)

1 lb. salami (chopped)

2 dozen cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

1/2 lb. piece provolone cheese (cut into mini-cubes)

1 red pepper (seeds removed and cut into bite size pieces)

1 green pepper (seeds removed and cut into bite size pieces)


1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

3 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper


1. Put all antipasto ingredients in a bowl.

2. Mix dressing ingredients in a separate bowl.

3. Pour half of the dressing over antipasto salad. Mix together. 

Serve cold. Serves 4.  You can add remaining dressing separately, if guests want more.