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Currently on the TNT series Perception, here I am with Eric McCormack. Best known from the NBC series “Will and Grace”, I met up with Eric in Manhattan backstage on Broadway.





8 chicken cutlet slices

1 lb. mushrooms (washed and sliced)

1 cup sliced almonds

1 bulb of garlic

3 tbs. olive oil plus 2 tbs.

4 tbs. balsamic vinegar

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper


1. In a Ziploc bag put chicken cutlets with 3 tbs. olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Refrigerate.

2. In a pan. put garlic bulb and sprinkle a little olive oil on it. Cover with aluminum foil and put in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Let cool and then peel. Put garlic pieces to the side.

3. In a large skillet, drizzle a little olive oil. Cook chicken cutlets on both sides for approximately 4 minutes each. (Chicken should be white on the inside when cooked.) Cover cutlets and keep warm.

4. In another large skillet, put 2 tbs. of olive oil. Saute mushrooms and almonds. Add salt and pepper and stir. When mushrooms are tender, add roasted garlic and chicken cutlets. 

5. Raise heat for 2 minutes and then serve hot.



1 lb. London Broil, sliced into thin cutlets (about 8-10 slices)

1 lb. fresh mozzarella (sliced)

6 hard boiled eggs (sliced)

1/4 cup chopped parsley

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

2 cloves of garlic (chopped)

salt and pepper

Step 1: On each slice, sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper, a little garlic and a little parsley.
Step 2: Put slices of hard boiled egg and mozzarella on top.
Step 3: Roll cutlets tightly and tie with twine or thread. In a large pan, put 3 tbs. of olive oil. Cook braciole on all sides for about 15 minutes. Remove from pan.

Step 4: Cook braciole in a pot of tomato sauce for 2 hours on a low heat. Braciole should be covered in sauce. (There should be enough sauce in a deep pot.)

Remove all twine/thread.  Serve hot.



Here I am with Jay Leno in Atlantic City, a very long time ago, I always remember the day when I  answered  the telephone and it was Jay inviting me to meet with him. I have some very good memories and stories.

Beets Vinaigrette




2 lbs. fresh beets (peeled)

1 cup red onions (sliced)

1 tbs. olive oil

2 tbs. white wine vinaigrette

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. oregano

1 tbs. agave (optional)


1. Boil beets in boiling water for about 15 minutes. You want to be able to pick up the beets with a fork. Drain when done.

2. Let cool. After cooled, cut beets into pieces.

3. Place beets in a bowl. Add all other ingredients. Gently toss in bowl.

4. Refrigerate (covered) for at least two hours before serving.

Serve chilled.

Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake




2 cups all purpose flour

2 sticks of butter (unsalted)

1/3 cup coca powder

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 cup mini chocolate chip morsels

1 1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 cup sour cream

2 eggs

 1 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1. In a pan, melt butter with cocoa powder and water. Stir well until melted and set to the side.

2. In a large bowl, put flour, sugar and baking soda. Add the butter mixture and stir well. Add eggs and continue to stir. Add in sour cream and vanilla extract. Stir until smooth. Add chocolate chip morsels and stir once again.

3. Using a 10 inch bundt pan, butter and flour the inside of pan. Tap out excess flour from pan. 

4. Pour mixture into prepared bundt pan. Bake for about 40 minutes. Use a cake tester or toothpick to check if done. Tester/toothpick should come out clean.

5. Remove from oven and let cool before removing from pan.

Optional: You can drizzle melted chocolate on top, dust with confectioners sugar or leave plain.





It was a long time ago, when I had the opportunity to meet legendary actor, Jack Lemmon. The star of such classics as “Mister Roberts”, “Some Like It Hot” and “Save The Tiger”, was starring on Broadway at the time in “Long Days Journey Into Night”.




4 boneless chicken breasts

1 can (10 oz.) chick peas (drained)

3/4 lb. fresh mozzarella balls

2 carrots (diced)

1 celery stalk (diced)

1/4 cup red onion (diced)

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar plus 2 tbs.

1/4 cup olive oil plus 2 tbs.

1 tsp. sea salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper


1. In a Ziploc bag, add chicken breasts with a 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and 1/4 cup olive oil. Let marinate in refrigerator for 2 hours.

2. Grill chicken on both sides for about 10 minutes each. (depends on the thickness of chicken breasts) Chicken should be white on the inside when cooked.

3. In a large bowl, add chick peas, mozzarella balls, carrots, celery, red onion, 2 tbs. of olive oil,  2 tbs. balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix well.

Serve chick pea salad on the side of grilled chicken breast.





 4 thick chicken cutlet slices

8 slices of bacon or smoked bacon

4 slices of onion

1/4 cup flavored bread crumbs

1/2 cup shredded cheddar  

12  bread and butter pickles

2 tbs. olive oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 clove of garlic chopped


1. In a Ziploc bag put chicken cutlets, olive oil,balsamic vinegar and garlic. Refrigerate and let marinate for at least two hours.

2. In a skillet, cook bacon until crispy. Remove and keep warm.

3. Bread sliced onions in bread crumbs. Fry onions in same pan as bacon. You shouldn’t need any oil. Remove and keep warm.

4. In another skillet add a tbs. of olive oil. Cook chicken cutlets on both sides for 5 minutes each. Make sure chicken is well cooked.

5. Remove chicken from skillet. Place in broiling/baking pan. Put shredded cheese on top of each cutlet. Put under broiler or in oven until cheese melts. Watch it doesn’t burn.

6. On a roll of your choice, place chicken and layer pickles, bacon and onion rings on top. You can garnish with sliced tomatoes if you like.




This weeks “Flashback Friday” is timed perfectly. Here I am with actress Andrea Martin. The timing is just right, as Andrea is nominated once again, for a Tony Award. She is nominated for her wonderful work, in the current revival of Pippin. The Tony Awards air on Sunday, June 9.