6 slices of chicken cutlets (sliced into bite size pieces)

1 lb. of shrimp (cleaned and tail removed)

1 cup fresh basil (chopped)

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

1/2 cup olive oil plus 3 tbs.

1 clove of garlic

1/4 cup pignoli nuts (toasted)

salt and pepper


1. In a blender add basil, garlic, grated cheese, and pignoli nuts. (To toast your pignoli nuts, just put nuts in a skillet and toss on a medium heat for two minutes. Don’t burn them.) Begin to blend and slowly add olive oil. Blend to a creamy consistency. You may need to add a drop more of olive oil. Blend thoroughly and leave to the side.

2. In a skillet, add 3 tbs. of olive oil. Add chicken pieces and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Turn on each side.  Cook for about 6 minutes, until cutlets are white. When cutlet pieces are just about cooked, add shrimp. Cook shrimp on each side for 2 minutes. Stir all together. Pour shrimp and chicken into a bowl. Pour pesto on top. Mix pesto over the chicken and shrimp.

Serve warm. Serves 4.